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COVID-19: Grant Thornton follows the Danish Government’s recommendations

We have a responsibility of reducing the COVID-19 infection. Thus, in Grant Thornton we have initiated a number of precautions to take care of our employees but also the rest of Denmark. At any time, we will follow the Danish Government’s recommendations, and this may potentially affect the operation of our firm as we know it. At any time, we strive to be available to our clients and cooperation partners, but we must show responsibility towards each other, our clients, cooperation partners, and the society in times like this.

Thus, as at 12 March 2020, we have decided the following regarding the operation of our firm

  • All employees who can work from home have been asked to do so. Both our auditors and consultants have remote access to our tasks and with the many technological possibilities we will do all that we can to be available. We know that many of our clients are affected by the situation, but we hope for your understanding and that we together can solve the tasks to the agreed time. Thus, we will as soon as possible reach out to our clients to clear our mutual needs for ongoing work.
  • We recommend that all physical meeting, travel activity etc. is limited or postponed to a later time. Alternatively, all employees have the possibility of using Skype or Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings with our clients and cooperation partners.
  • All external arrangements are cancelled until the end of April. Naturally, we will inform participants and cooperation partners and we will try to find new dates later this year.
  • We have chosen to follow the Danish Government’s suggestion of a 14 days period with working from home and subsequently, we will re-assess how to act.

It is important for us to emphasize that we continue to be here for our clients and cooperation partners – even though our employees’ location will have changed. At any time, we will try to maintain the operation of our firm at the well-known high level and solve the tasks to the agreed time.  

We consider it necessary to take our precautions as this special situation calls for action from all of us.

Please do not hesitate to contact your auditor / consultant if you have any questions.