Doing business in Denmark 2023

Doing Business in Denmark
The purpose of this publication is to give an introduction to those considering conducting business in Denmark, either by establishing a company or a branch or in other ways.


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Contents in our publication 'Doing Business in Denmark'


Business forms

Business can be conducted through companies, by partnerships or by individuals acting as sole traders. 

In this chapter:

  • Public limited companies
  • Private limited companies
  • Branches (of foreign limited companies)
  • Representation offices
  • MS entity


Accounting requirements

The board of directors and the managing director are responsible for the maintenance of sound accounting records and for the preparation of annual reports, covering each financial reference period.

In this chapter:

  • Form and contents of the annual report


Audit requirements

All limited companies must be audited by an independent auditor (in certain cases very small companies may be exempted). The auditor is appointed by the shareholders at the general meeting.


Bookkeeping requirements

When doing business in Denmark,  bookkeeping must be made in accordance with the Danish Bookkeeping Act. 



A foreign investor planning to set up a subsidiary in Denmark may either form a new company or purchase the shares in an existing company (“shelf” company).

In this chapter:

  • Establishment procedures
  • Purchase of shares in a shelf company
  • Registered branch office
  • Choice of business form


Corporation Taxation

In this chapter:

  • Tax rate
  • Company residence and territoriality
  • Permanent establishment
  • Danish income subject to withholding tax
  • Tax losses
  • CFC taxation (taxation of Controlled Financial Companies)
  • Filing a tax return
  • Payment and collection
  • Tax audits
  • Penalties
  • Statute of limitations


Calculation of the taxable income

In this chapter:

  • General comments
  • Stock valuation
  • Dividend income
  • Capital gains and losses
  • Deductions
  • Transfer pricing
  • Joint taxation


Taxation of individuals

In this chapter:

  • Territoriality and residence
  • Expatriates with high salaries 
  • General rules for taxation of individuals 
  • Joint taxation


Value-added tax

Denmark applies the system of value-added tax (VAT) established by the EU.

In this chapter:

  • Distance selling – sale of goods to private customers


Withholding taxes

An overview.